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New School Year News & Updates

Excitement is building for the new school year, and like many of you, we’re busy wrapping up summer projects while planning for the fall. Here’s a quick update to fill you in on Dancing Drum's news and plans for 2014-15:

First off, we’re happy to announce our NEW WEBSITE, which was just posted yesterday, at this link:
It’s still under construction and a bit rough around the edges, but the big stuff is there and ready for browsing. Please take a look and let us know what you think! The new site is much more user friendly, and we look forward to keeping our friends updated through our new blog and Instagram accounts.

Secondly, we just posted a bunch of new tour dates for the 2014-15 school year at this link:
If you’re interested booking an interactive drumming assembly, workshop-to-performance, residency program, or professional development for your school, simply respond to this email with your interest and we’ll send you our 2014-15 School Programs PDF which includes information on our current programs and rates. If you’re interested in a Dancing Drum program and your geographical area is not listed, just send us a message with some info about what you have in mind and we’ll see what we can do!

We have a new shipment of the Dancing Drum BoomBa Series arriving in mid-September, which will include a plentiful supply of each BoomBa instrument for your music classroom. Here’s a link with more info:
We are accepting orders now for delivery by the end of September.

All other Dancing Drum materials are in stock and ready for delivery in August! Contact us for an estimate for djembes, djun-djuns, percussion Tubz, bells, drum stands, curriculum books, drum packages, and anything else you need for your music classroom.
We are in the office and ready to assist with all of your drumming and percussion requests!

As a friend of Dancing Drum, you’ll be the first to know when our newest publication, titled “Jump in the Rhythm”, becomes available this September. Here’s a teaser with some additional info about what we’ve been working on:
We can’t wait to get this new book finished and into your hands!

Here’s a review that we received from a teacher in California. He says:
“Dancing Drum’s program creates a community of respect, it exposes them to other cultures and connects them to their own culture, it is active and fun, and there is immediate success. The drumming sounds fantastic. All of the students feel successful and relate to the beat. Music is so important to this age group, and it is an excellent bridge for cross-curriculum writing and math. Socially, it creates teamwork and is an excellent release of emotion that is often held inside.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!