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Drumming Up Character: Teacher's Guide

Teach character education through an innovative, cross-curricular musical program. "Drumming Up Character" combines reading, writing, and visual art activities with upbeat hip-hop music, drumming, Character Rap songs, and dances highlighting 10 good character themes. Topics covered include Fairness, Caring, Responsibility, Respect, Self-Control, Citizenship, Courage, Trustworthiness, Perseverance, and Integrity. Use this innovative program to stage a "Drumming Up Character" student performance and enhance your school's character education program with exciting content sure to reach even the most challenging students, grades K-8. Now in full color, this 3rd Edition set includes a 152 page Teacher's Guide book, 21 track CD, and comprehensive instructional DVD. It works seamlessly with our web-based resource at

The Drumming Up Character Teacher's Guide features:

A TEACHER'S "HOW TO" with 50+ pages on:
• Dancing Drum's Rhythm Phonics method
• Leading drumming activities in the classroom
• Leading dancing and singing activities
• Implementing a performance-based program

• 10 Character Chapters
• 10 Profiles in Character (historical biographies)
• 10 Character in Action activities
• 10 Character Raps
• 10 Character Rhythms, in Rhythm Phonics & standard notation
• 100+ Photos & Illustrations
• Vocabulary Synonyms & Antonyms
• Reading Comprehension questions
• Performance Invitation & Certificate of Achievement
• Teacher's Key & Bibliography

• CD with 21 music tracks, with and without lyrics
• DVD with full instructions for all rhythms and dances

This curriculum set covers national educational standards for Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Language Arts, Physical Education & Health.

152 pages, full color, illustrated
3rd Edition, made in the USA
ISBN# 9780981672465

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