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Stick Drums

The Dancing Drum Signature Series Djun-Djuns are professional quality drums offering an outstanding combination of melody, beautiful design, and authentic African tone. Made from environmentally friendly Siam Oak staves, these drums are extremely durable and finished with a rich, mahogany stain. Stretched across the top and bottom are premium Thai cowhides held together with triple-ring mounting systems and 5mm non-stretch rope. Djun-Djuns are usually played in sets of 1 to 3 drums. The Dundunba is the large drum, the Sangban is the medium drum, and the Kenkeni is the small drum.


Bags, Djun-Djun Bells, and a full range of custom fit drum stands for adult and youth heights are available as additional options. All Dancing Drum Djun-Djuns ship with a free pair of drum sticks