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Interactive Online School (IOS)

The Dancing Drum Interactive Online School (IOS) is a web-based, integrated arts and music education platform for K-8th grade students. From drumming and music lessons to language arts, social studies and visual art activities, Dancing Drum's Interactive Online School is full of educational content. Colorful graphics and fun animations keep students engaged and entertained while they move through the lessons.

The first curriculum program that is available through the Interactive Online School is Drumming Up Character, an arts-based SEL and character education curriculum. 

To enter the website, teachers will receive a web link and passcode to share with students. Students will never need to register or provide any personal information to view and participate in the program, and all of the videos and activities on the website are secure and safe. We do not host our videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any social media platform...No advertisements, no outside videos, just great Dancing Drum content!

Add a Virtual Performance Assembly with Dancing Drum!

To enhance the online learning experience, schools can schedule an in-person Virtual Performance Assembly with Dancing Drum through Zoom or other secure, school-approved web conferencing app. This online program will include a live Dancing Drum Interactive Music Experience and "STAR TIME" opportunities for students!

Contact us with any questions you have about setting up a program for your school!