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Interactive Performance Assemblies

Interactive Performance (IP) programs are high-energy assemblies that engage, entertain, and inspire your entire school. From the first moments of a Dancing Drum IP, the sound of drum rhythms echo through your school while students play and sing along with clapping, body percussion and vocal chants. Next, we bring up groups of student volunteers to play 80 drums and percussion instruments throughout the show. Principals and teachers across the country have said this was the best assembly they ever had, so join in the rhythm and bring this uplifting, community-building musical experience to your school!

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Half-day program with 2 back-to-back performances in the AM or PM. Schools can add additional shows as needed.
• Shows can be scheduled from 45-60 minutes in length each. Allow 5-15 minutes in between shows for transition.
• Recommended audience limit per show: 350.
• The school gym or multipurpose room is the best location. Students sit on the floor in rows with an aisle in the middle.
• Auditoriums and theaters with built-in seats are not optimal, but can work for this program.
• Set-up time required: 1.5 hours; Tear-down time: 1 hour. If students and staff are present, we can work around them.

When circumstances prevent us meeting in person, we can meet up online! Learn more about Dancing Drum's Virtual Performance Assemblies here.


"Thanks for your outstanding assembly. It generated a lot of positive energy (which hopefully will carry over to the testing period!) I had an experienced teacher tell me that it was the best assembly she's ever seen - you taught geography, rhythm, etc. and had excellent control (and she's been teaching for 31 years!) Thanks again for providing a real treat to our students." 
- Principal, Santa Paula, CA

“I had some great feedback from staff who said it was simply amazing and that we need to bring you back every year.  The level of engagement and activity kept students focused for the entire time.” - Dean, Principal, Waunakee, WI

“I was working in the teacher’s lounge after your first performance and was there for over three hours. As teachers and staff filtered in and out, I kept hearing ‘wasn’t that a great assembly’, ‘wasn’t the assembly wonderful’ and how much everyone enjoyed the assembly. Thank YOU for such a great experience!” - Heidi, PTA, Goleta, CA

BOOKING an Interactive Performance at your school, performing arts center, or special event is easy! Visit our booking page for details.