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"WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!!! What an ASSEMBLY we had today!!!"
- Jada, Teacher, Greenville, NC

"The faculty, the students, and the admin absolutely LOVED the program, and we're already talking about finding a time for next year!!  Please know that my entire school family couldn't stop talking about our assemblies all day! Thank you so much for all you do."
- Dawn, Music Teacher, Beaufort, NC

"Our students really enjoyed hearing and playing music from around the world. This was a GREAT way to encourage socialization, self-expression, and cultural awareness!"
- Jennifer, Music Teacher, Charlotte, NC

This program was excellent! The students were engaged immediately and the presenter held their attention until the very end. I love that the kids were excitedly chanting and singing character traits that I teach in the classroom!
- Dana, Music Teacher, Charlotte, NC

"Our students were so engaged, and they absolutely loved the assembly. They were so eager to get up and play instruments with Steve Campbell, and his teaching style kept them involved and able to be immediately successful."
- Kathleen, Music Teacher, Asheboro, NC

"We LOVED Dancing Drum and are already talking with our administration and PTA about doing a School Drum Day next year!"
- Erin, Music Teacher, Charlotte, NC

"Our students really enjoyed the program. I have never seen the students being so happy playing the instruments and dancing together! We are SO grateful for the ASC for providing us with this wonderful program. Words cannot express!"
- Debbie, ASC School Representative, Charlotte, NC

"Loved the way the kids were engaged and part of the program!!!"
- Julie, Music Teacher, Charlotte, NC

"Excellent engagement, would love for them to return to our school!"
- Rhonda, ASC School Representative, Charlotte, NC

"So thorough and very enthusiastic for younger students! It is not easy to keep the attention of k-2 students in a gym with instruments and following directions but he did it!"
- Pauline, Music Teacher, Charlotte, NC

"Can't say enough positive things about him and his program! It was awesome!"
- Sherry, ASC School Representative, Charlotte, NC

"I liked that there were enough opportunities and plenty of instruments for students to try different things. Very engaging and fun! Thanks, Mr. Steve!"
- Mary, Music Teacher, Charlotte, NC

"Just wanted to tell you one more time how much our kids LOVED having Drum Day! Dancing Drum is now at the top of my list!!!! Your rapport with the kids was awesome. Your manner was fun and very age appropriate. All my kids felt successful and said it was the BEST DAY EVER! Teachers have been very enthusiastic and appreciative. All of them have said wonderful things about you and about the program. 
- Jane, Music Teacher, Edenton, NC

"I love the way you make music come alive for our students. I will always support you because you are the reason I am into drumming in the first place. The two of you have inspired me, and I have inspired my students. You are the reason my boys & girls are continuously enjoying the drumming music."
- Carolyn, Music Teacher, Houston, TX

"Thank you for sharing your talents with thousands of our students in the Tuscaloosa City Schools. Through your interactive student assemblies and teacher workshop, our students, teachers, and staff have been moved by the power of your rhythms and beats! Thank you for promoting music education in a manner that leaves no doubt of its benefit for children. I can't wait to work together again!" 
- Jeff, Fine Arts Coordinator, Tuscaloosa, AL

"I wanted to let you know that we had our first performance this past week. The group performed at the local mall to rave reviews. Both local TV stations showed up and covered the event. More importantly, some of the kids have started to show positive changes in their school experience. Thanks for your hand in making this positive change for our school!"
- Teri, Music Teacher, Altoona, PA

"I had some great feedback from staff who said it was simply amazing and that we need to bring you back every year.  The level of engagement and activity kept students focused for the entire time."
- Dean, Principal, Waunakee, WI

"Our students and teachers have not stopped talking about how fun and entertaining Dancing Drum was. We were very pleased with the number of students who were able to participate with them." 
- Ben, Music Specialist, Ellijay, GA

"On behalf of the Louisiana Children's Museum, I would like to thank you both so much for your Dancing Drum performance...(It) was a HUGE hit amongst our visitors! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us. Hope to work with you again." 
- Rebecca, Special Events Coordinator, New Orleans, LA

"This was such a wonderful experience for our whole school, and all staff were very impressed!!"
- Debbie, Music Teacher, Chicago, IL

"Thanks so much!  Everyone absolutely loved it.  It was for certain the best assembly that I have ever seen.   Teachers and students were still talking about how much they loved it today."
- Kristine, Music Teacher, Addison IL

"Your talents with handling the children are amazing to right along with the exceptional learning experience you provide. The teachers DID thoroughly enjoy it nearly as much as the children!"
- Sallie, Music Teacher, Talladega AL

"I was working in the teacher's lounge after your first performance and was there for over three hours. As teachers and staff filtered in and out, I kept hearing 'wasn't that a great assembly', 'wasn't the assembly wonderful' and how much everyone enjoyed the assembly. Thank YOU for such a great experience!"
- Heidi, PTA, Goleta, CA

"Thank you so much for coming to our school this past October! Our students, staff, parents, and community truly loved the 'Drumming Up Character' program! We've used your program throughout the entire year and have had nothing but positive feedback from students and families."
- Anna, Music Teacher, Monona, WI

“Now that I've completed Dancing Drum training, I can't imagine teaching children any other way! I am so excited to resume school in August and share what you have taught me with my colleagues, as well as all of my Kindergarten through third grade students. I appreciate your enthusiasm, professionalism, talent, and creativity. You are a true blessing to the world of music education.”
- Eva, Music Teacher, Abita Springs, LA

“Thank you so much for your presentation today.  Our students and teachers loved it!  You delivered a great message in such an engaging way that I'm sure our students will remember it for a long time.  The fact that you were able to get the middle students so actively involved and pleading to come up on stage is quite a feat!  The kindergarten teacher said that her students were chanting the words and rhythms on the way back to school at the end of the day. It was a pleasure to meet you.  You are doing a great service to this generation of students. God bless you and your work.”
- Sister Marie, Music Teacher, Brownsburg, IN

“Ms. Lindsay and Mr. Steve, THANK YOU!!  The kids had a wonderful experience and the teachers too.  I was absolutely thrilled with your presentation - my fellow teachers were singing your praises before we even got out of the auditorium, and you received lots of compliments from our principal and staff.  We look forward to seeing you again in the future.”
- Cindy, PTA, Houston, TX

“Thank you for such a great presentation.  There has been much positive feedback on the Dancing Drum Workshop.  I am so pleased that we were able to make it all work to get you here to demonstrate and model your instructional strategies for group drumming.  The teachers definitely enjoyed it and will be taking their experiences back to their students.  The books, CDs, and DVDs will be a great curriculum resource for them.  I will definitely suggest to the Orff Chapter here that they get in touch with you about a Saturday workshop in the future.”
- Mr. Sterling, Elementary Fine Arts Administrator, Memphis, TN

"Thanks for your outstanding assembly. It generated alot of positive energy (which hopefully will carry over to the testing period!) I had an experienced teacher tell me that it was the best assembly she's ever seen - you taught geography, rhythm, etc. and had excellent control (and she's been teaching for 31 years!) Thanks again for providing a real treat to our students."
- Paul, Principal, Saticoy, CA

“Our scholars learned a great deal and were thoroughly entertained throughout the performance. I have found very few groups that can keep such a large group of young children (250+ kids) engaged and on the edge of their seats for over an hour, but these two did it with enthusiasm and joy.”
- Mark, Head of School, New Orleans, LA

“It’s obvious that your show is well thought-out and planned as to get the most out of it. The audience had many chances to participate and you managed a lively crowd very well. The added character-building songs and tie-ins are great and I, as a teacher, really appreciate their mention.”
- George, Teacher, Miguelito Elementary, Santa Maria, CA

“I was amazed at how the students learned to work as a group, and were on the same beat, and stopped at the same time. Peer pressure seemed to work in a positive way. Many students didn’t think they would be successful and were pleasantly surprised and proud of themselves when their drumming really sounded good! We really appreciate all of the time and effort that Lindsay and Steve put into this program. They were great!”
- Deborah, Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA

“This performance was completely different than the singing/acting/dancing that we usually intertwine for our classroom performances. It was vibrant and bold. The practice sessions were very personalized, as well, which made learning how to drum very comfortable and unthreatening for all the kids. They were totally stoked about their experience...every single one of them. The parents were extremely impressed and very happy. The PTA president’s son is in my class, and when she approached me after the show, she couldn’t say enough about how wonderful the kids sounded.”
- Scott, Teacher, Moorpark, CA

“You two put together an amazing performance. The kids and adults are still reeling from the excitement. Your full incorporation of body, mind, and spirit is so thorough. You both are AWESOME!”
- Jan, Teacher, Carpinteria, CA

"My students have really enjoyed learning about and, especially, playing the drums! The 5th graders performed the Perseverance Rap as a part of their spring program and the school body and staff absolutely loved it! The 2nd graders studied Susan B. Anthony as part of their "Biography Museum" program and performed the Fairness Rap. It was a hit as well! The kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders also learned their grade level teamwork chants to perform with drums at our good behavior assemblies. And, my percussion group, The Big Bang, performed Djole as a part of their program for our district Fine Arts Festival, and we included it as a part of our audition to be a selected performing group at TMEA next year. We also included the djembe drums in several of our other performance pieces as well. So, we have been busy doing some awesome drumming! Thank you for the wonderful assemblies last fall, too! The kids still talk about how much they enjoyed them. Their faces light up whenever I tell them we will be playing the drums. I think it is their favorite thing to do in music!" 
- Jenni, Music Specialist, Humble, TX

“I want to thank you for the good work that you do and more so the drum concept that you have introduced in the world of character education. I have watched your DVD and listened to the CD. It is such an amazing program. It will relieve us from the just cognitive, didactic approach that we have focused on in the past 6 years.”
- Arthur, Teacher, Nairobi, Kenya

“I am looking forward to using the program in my class. This is the best character education program I have seen. Very motivating for kids. My students are rehearsing the “Responsibility Rap” for our next citizenship assembly. They just love the music! I think our whole school should adopt this program.”
- Anny, Teacher, Ontario, Canada

“Steve and Lindsay were absolutely terrific today. Kids had an amazing experience and teachers were soooooo impressed.”
- Bev, Music Teacher, Cashmere, WA

“Thank you so much for a wonderful two days of making music with our students! You truly were a pleasure to work with! Our whole school was buzzing with excitement while you were here and after you left. Even this week, we were watching a clip from Stomp Out Loud and a student turned to me and said, ‘Sounds like Dancing Drum!’ ;) You were very organized and well prepared to work with our students. We especially appreciate that you went the extra mile to customize each lesson to meet the unique needs of each group of students. That was crucial to the success of the program! We are certain that our students will not forget their Dancing Drum experience! Thank you and we hope to work with you again in the future!!” 
- Jennifer, Music Teacher, Katy, TX

“What can I say but ‘WOW!’ Thank you so much for your wonderful performance…I know the people in the audience, especially the children, had a lot of fun. It was a real treat to have your interactive, high-energy talent at our event. I appreciate the fact that you kept everything on a kid level, but still involved the adults in the drumming activities. Rhythm really does transcend language barriers!”
- Maggie, Public Information Officer, Santa Maria, CA

“Dancing Drum’s program creates a community of respect, it exposes them to other cultures and connects them to their own culture, it is active and fun, and there is immediate success. The drumming sounds fantastic. All of the students feel successful and relate to the beat. Music is so important to this age group, and it is an excellent bridge for cross-curriculum writing and math. Socially, it creates teamwork and is an excellent release of emotion that is often held inside.”
- Kathleen, Principal, Santa Barbara, CA

"We have three programs...a coed teenager program, an all-boy teenager program, and an adult program. I, along with a guitar playing counselor, do the Music Therapy sessions for all three programs. I have done more than half of the Drumming Up Character series now with all three programs, and in every case it has been well received, and perhaps even more interesting about it is the adults would appear to enjoy it the most. I wanted to share that, because when I sat in your workshop, it was to get resources to implement in an elementary music classroom setting. I never imagined using that sort of material with teenagers and adults, and in a rehab setting at that, for music therapy. It is exciting and gratifying for me to share the fun of drumming with these individuals in the care of our company, and I just thought you guys would want to know how far your program has reached."
- Daniel, Music Teacher & Therapist, Memphis, TN

"One of my 5th grade classes made a video of the Courage Rap, which was broadcast on our morning announcements in March as that was our character education word of the month. They had a great time putting it together and all of the teachers, students, counselors, and administrators have been very impressed with this cross-curricular tie in to so many subjects and standards. Thanks so much for your help and your products."
- Mike, Music Teacher, Nesbit, GA

"I attended the Wisconsin state music conference in Madison this past October and sat in on the Drumming Up Character session. I also purchased the teachers guide. I just wanted to let you know that after winter break we started up our Character traits.  The kids LOVE IT!  They are having so much fun. Thanks again for presenting at the conference.  I think this is something I will be able to use for years to come!"
- Rebecca, Music Teacher, Brillion, WI

"One of our challenges is to provide a variety of high-quality enrichment activities that engage children (during after school hours) and that lead to improved behavior and student achievement. "Drumming Up Character" was a valuable addition to our program because it helped us achieve our goal of supporting student progress on California Content Standards in innovative ways. Dancing Drum activities build vocabulary, reading comprehension, geography, history, and at the same time they unleash children's exuberant musical creativity and provides them a means to expressing deep feelings in a productive way."  
- Theresa, Director of Healthy Start and A-OK Programs, Santa Barbara Schools, CA

"We certainly enjoyed having you as part of our camp this year. The kids and counselors loved drumming with you. We look forward to future cooperative endeavors. Thanks so very much."
- Jenice, Vice President, Lighthouse Louisiana

"As an educator, I am grateful that my students were able to be a part of this program, not only because it's  "fun," but because of the important link between music, particularly rhythm, and learning...Playing rhythms coordinates the moving center with the learning center, and there is a lot of research that supports this connection, which is why these programs are so vital to the development of students."  
- Ty, 5th Grade Teacher, Goleta, CA

"Dancing Drum was the heart and soul of our event." 
- Adam, Event Manager, Deckers Outdoor Corporation

“Experiences like this are what spark lifelong passions in young hearts!”
- Daisy, PTA, Santa Barbara, CA

"Thank you for presenting at our summer retreat! Your session brought our school teams valuable insights and inspiration that will play out in classrooms and whole schools in the coming years. We are so grateful to you for showing them the joy and rigor of the arts, and for contributing to their ultimate success." - Katy, Turnaround Arts, The President's Committee on the Arts & Humanities, Washington, DC

"I would like to express my sense of gratitude for Dancing Drum's outstanding commitment and dedication to our local community. Your work is an extraordinary example of how individuals act collaboratively in order to impact lives in truly meaningful ways." 
- Lois Capps, Member of Congress, 23rd District, Santa Barbara, CA