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24-Student Package

This 24-Student Package divides your class into 4 groups of 6. Students rotate throughout the class to play each instrument section. This package features the Dancing Drum Signature Series drums and stands and BoomBa Series shakers, blocks and double bell. It includes:

• 6 Djun-Djuns (2 x 15" Dundunba, 2 x 12" Sangban, 2 x 10" Kenkeni)
• 6 x 11" Djembes
• 6 x Youth Djun-Djun Stands
• 6 x Djembe Stands 
• 6 x BoomBa Shakers
• 6 x BoomBa Double Woodblocks
• 1 x BoomBa Double Bell with Stick
• 6 Pairs of TubeStix
• Drum Cases for all djembes and djun-djuns

(Not pictured: drum cases)

Contact us to create a custom package and for a current shipping quote. 

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