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Community Drum Ensemble

Build a musical movement at your school, business, or community center through Community Drum Ensemble (CDE)! An inclusive, performance-based program, CDE is designed for advanced middle school through high school and adult age learners. This book, CD & DVD set provides invaluable insight into how to lead a Community Drum Ensemble program, through building your group, teaching the arrangements, and bringing your ensemble to perform at special events in the community. Featuring 6 arrangements for djembes, djun-djuns, and small percussion, this program is heavy on groove and designed for drumming fun, with a mix of original and traditional rhythms inspired by music from West Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the USA. Rhythm Phonics notations, standard notations, illustrations, and instructional CD and DVD included. 

This book, CD & DVD set also works well as a practice play-along for djembe and djun-djun drummers.

The "Community Drum Ensemble" curriculum includes:

• 6 Drum Arrangements for djembes, djun-djuns (dununs), and small percussion, fully notated
• Background information on each arrangement
• CDE Fundamentals
• Leadership Roles
• Teaching Tools
• Soloing & Improvisation
• Additional Resources

• CD with 37 audio tracks of the music in the book

• DVD with video demonstrations of each rhythm and ensemble in the book

Book, CD & DVD Set

76 pages, illustrated
Made in the USA
ISBN# 9780981672427

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