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Listen to the Teamwork!

Grade Level Rhythm Chants & Drum Breaks for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

One of the wonderful aspects of ensemble drumming is the feeling of teamwork that it inspires. As our group plays, we can hear how powerful the rhythm sounds when we successfully work together as a team. We call this “Listen to the Teamwork!”  

To build teamwork skills within the music classroom, we’ve created a series of Grade Level Rhythm Chants & Drum Breaks designed to be played and sung in unison. Use this music to inspire grade level pride and quickly engage students in a successful experience with ensemble playing. 

Each selection in this book is presented through Dancing Drum’s Rhythm Phonics method, which breaks rhythms down into a pattern of low tones (Boom) and high tones (Ba). This easy-to-master teaching approach has the added benefit of allowing for a highly flexible instrumentation. Whether you have buckets, percussion sticks, or drums, your classes can play all of the music in this book.

32 Pages, 21 Track CD included.
ISBN# 978-0-9816724-8-9

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