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The Rhythm Is Here! A World Music Journey in Rhythm & Song Book, CD & DVD Set

Welcome to "The Rhythm Is Here! A World Music Journey in Rhythm & Song", a Rhythm Hunters' Adventure for grades K-8. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to inspire a spirit of learning about the world as students travel to discover the music, history, and culture of four distinct geographic destinations: West Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the USA. The pages of this book are filled with rich illustrations and information that will enable you and your students of play rhythms from around the world!

• All of the resources you need to stage a student performance, complete with Rhythm Hunters' script, music, and movement.
Colorful illustrations designed to inspire ideas for props and costumes.
• Engaging cultural and geographic information for each destination.
• Fundamentals of the Dancing Drum Method.

• A 56-track CD containing every level of music in this book.
• A comprehensive DVD demonstrating fundamentals of instruction and videos of the music.
Each destination includes:
• 4 arrangements for drums
• 4 arrangement for xylophones
• 4 arrangements for drums and xylophones together
• The music for each destination is presented in 4 Learning Levels, allowing teachers to scale the difficulty up or down for students.
"The Rhythm Is Here!" Theme Song, with choral, drum, and xylophone parts, and movement for performance.

160 page book (full color) includes CD & DVD.
ISBN# 978-0-9816724-9-6 
Item # DD-TRIH


"Play Calypso" (Caribbean)
more coming soon... 


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