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Community Drum Ensemble

Community Drum Ensemble (CDE) is a performance-oriented drum team where everyone is welcome - a social gathering for people to play drums and perform as an ensemble. There are no try-outs or auditions, only a requirement that members of the ensemble attend rehearsals and learn the rhythm and break arrangements to the best of their ability. All ages, from 12 to 80+, are welcome, and participants don't need formal training in music to learn, practice, and perform with the group.

Whether the program is based in a school, business, drum shop, or community center, one valuable outcome of CDE is the building of a supportive community centered around drumming. Ensemble members comment that they develop new friendships and enjoy connecting with others in new ways. CDE goes beyond being "just a drum class" by culminating in a final show, and many people play with the ensemble for the excitement that only a performance-oriented program can create."Community Drum Ensemble" Book, CD & DVD, by Dancing Drum

CDE is for all kinds of venues, including schools, universities, drum shops, community centers, corporations, and places of worship. Dancing Drum can help you establish a CDE program at your site through a series of workshops and leader trainings. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

"The spirit of the group along the way during the practices was wonderful. The sessions were fun, with a very warm and friendly atmosphere. That to me is a big part of this and it makes it a pleasure to be involved. Plus, we are getting better all the time!" 
- CDE Drummer, Santa Barbara, CA

The "Community Drum Ensemble" curriculum includes:

• 6 Drum Arrangements for djembes, djun-djuns (dununs), and small percussion, fully notated
• Background information on each arrangement
• CDE Fundamentals
• Leadership Roles
• Teaching Tools
• Soloing & Improvisation
• Additional Resources

• CD with 37 audio tracks of the music in the book

• DVD with video demonstrations of each rhythm and ensemble in the book