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What's In Stock? April 2022 Update

It's been an interesting year trying to keep stock numbers up for our drums and percussion instruments. Some items continue to be on backorder while we have an abundance of others.

Thankfully, we can always keep our publications and TubeStix in stock, as they're made here in the USA.

As the school year draws to a close, you might be curious to know...What else is currently in stock?

Here's our in-stock list, as of April 26th, 2022:

9" Dancing Drum Djembe
11" Dancing Drum Djembe
13" Dancing Drum Djembe
12" Dancing Drum PRO Djembe
Djembe Bags (11", 9")

10" Dancing Drum Kenkeni Drum
12" Dancing Drum Sangban Drum
15" Dancing Drum Dundunba Drum
Student Stands (10", 12", 15")
Adult Stands (15" only)
Djun Bags (15", 10")

BoomBa Bongos
BoomBa Box 
BoomBa Shakers
BoomBa Bell
BoomBa Block

We also have an assortment of drum sticks, bells, small percussion, and Jumbie Jams available for purchase. If there's something specific you're looking for, just ask! We are here to make your school drumming program a smashing success!

Dancing Drum has always focused on suppling the best quality, best sounding, most durable instruments available anywhere. That's why our catalog is smaller than many other companies. We've done the work to bring you only the best, longest-lasting percussion. If it's not durable, we won't sell it!